Korea National Parks

Flagship Species

  • - English Name : Otter
  • - Characteristics : The size is up to 1,250㎜ in linear shape with dark brown and shiny fur covering the body but the lower chin is rather in white color. It has short legs with long and thick tail and it has the web between the toes.
  • - Ecological characteristics : The animal is the highest prey of river eco-system that uses the home in concealed space between the tree root in the waterside or between the crevices of rocks and it is extremely sensitive to outside with its extreme sensitivity.
  • - Feed : Fish, ducks, frogs, snakes and others
  • - English name : Lindera sericea
  • - Appearance : This is a deciduous shrub distributed in the mountain valley and grows up to 3m and the yellow flower is blossomed in April.
  • - Ecological characteristics : This tree is grown only in Korea and Japan and it is living in only limited areas of Mudeungsan, Jogyesan and some other areas in Jeollanam-do.