Korea National Parks

Juwangsan Mountain is one of the three major rocky mountains in Korea, and a beautiful national park with secluded valleys and strangely shaped rocks are a scenic masterpiece throughout the seasons. While its main areas and Salix grandulosa under the water create a beautiful scenery, the mountain is famous for Jeolgol Gorge with main peaks and rocky range as well as Jubang Gorge with gigantic rocks. You can obtain necessary information from the information center at the entrance to Juwangsan Mountain.

Participation Procedure

College Student Volunteer Service Camp

  • Period :
    2009.5.1 ~ 2009.9.31
    Time :
    3 Days 2 Nights
    For :
    A group of more than 20 college students. Long-term stay.
    Main Activities (Individuals & Groups)

    - Assist overall park maintenance work

    - Inform visitors at the information center, clean environment, and study/monitor natural resources

Monitoring of facilities

  • Period :
    2009.1.1 ~ 2009.12.31
    Time :
    1 Day 8 Hours
    For :
    Main Activities (Individuals & Groups)

    - Safety inspection of park facilities

    - Assist management and maintenance of park facilities

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