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The Origin of Juwangsan and the Sudalrae Flower

During the Tang dynasty of China, a person called ‘Judo’ claimed a kingship and called himself “Hujucheonwang.” But he was utterly defeated when he tried to invade Jangan, the capital of Tang, in 779.
Juwangsan is the place where he fled and hid himself. The Tang dynasty requested the Silla dynasty to extradite King Ju. So, the Silla dynasty sent General Ma to capture King Ju.
Juwanggul is the cave where King Ju died of the wounds in General Ma’s attack while washing his face. A story tells that sudalrae’s buds are bloody-red because of the blood that King Ju shed at that time.
Even now, the splendid red flowers blossom in Jubang valley from late spring until early summer.