Korea National Parks


  • Juwangsan National Park was designated as the 12th national park in Korea in 1976. It borders Cheongsong-gun and Yeongdeok-gun in Gyeongsangbuk-do, While occupying an area of 107.273㎢.
    Juwangsan(720m), Taehaengsan(933m), Daedunsan(905m), Myeongdongjae(875m), and Wanggeoam(907m0 are connected in a horseshoe shape while creating a beautiful mountain scenery. This circumstance makes it a natural fortress. Geologically, the lava flows of 70 million years ago made a round formation of ignimbrites, or volcanic tuffs, which shows how this unique and beautiful scenery was created.
    Juwangsan has been well-known as the best scenic spot in Gyeongsangbuk-do(Province) and regarded as one of the top three rocky mountains in Korea thanks to its breathtaking scenery by the beautiful nunataks and valleys.
    In the late Tongilsilla dynasty, the rebel Judo, who called himself juwang (King of Zhou) attempted a coup dé tat against Tang dynasty of China and fled to this mountain. So, now this mountain is called Juwangsan (the Mountain of King Ju).

    There are 88 plant species including endangered species such as the Nodding lily, Tattaasau and Yellow water flag in Juwangsan National Park. As for animals, 924 animal species inhabit the park area and among them the Otter has been designated as a Natural Treasure.

Juwangsan National Park map