Korea National Parks

‘Hallyeo’ is a composite word derived from the names of two regions, ‘Hansando’ and ‘Yeosu’. Hallyeo Haesang National Park encompasses many islands and the sea between the two regions. The sea, islands, and land of Hallyeo Haesang National Park create a beautiful scenery. Most Koreans have heard of places like Yeosu Odongdo Island, Namhae Geumsan Mountain, Geoje Haegeumgang River, and Tongyeong Hansando Island, and they all belong to Hallyeo Haengsang National Park. It’s also where General Lee Sun-sin defeated the Japanese in Okpo Haejeon (Naval Warfare), Hansan Daecheop, and Noryang Haejeon during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592.

Participation Procedure

Monitoring of wild flowers in Namhae Geumsan Mountain

  • Period :
    2009.3.1 ~ 2009.11.30
    Time :
    4 Hours a Day
    For :
    College Students & Adults (Individuals)
    Main Activities (Individuals & Groups)

    - Monitoring and taking photos of wild flowers

    - Removal of plants that are harmful to the ecosystem

Protection of natural resources of the national park

  • Period :
    2009.1.1 ~ 2009.12.31
    Time :
    1 Day 8 Hours
    For :
    No Limit
    Main Activities (Individuals & Groups)

    - Removal of foreign plants and other plants/animals that are harmful to the ecosystem

    - Discourage illegal activities and launch promotional activities

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