Korea National Parks

Flagship Species

  • Zostera marina   
  • - English Name : Common Eelgrass
  • - Habitat : Shallow sea (Jejudo, Gyeongsangnam-do, etc…).
  • - Shape Characteristics :

    It has long fan-shaped leaves with flat edges.

  • - Ecological Characteristics :

    Perennial phanerogam. It provides a spawning ground and habitat for fish, crustacean, and mollusk. It also clears the water by controlling ocean waves and filtering sea deposits.

  • - Special Characteristics :

    Along with coral reef, this must be protected to promote biological diversity and environmental purification. In the past, it was commonly seen at the beaches and riverbanks, but its number and colonies have drastically reduced as their habitats were destroyed and contaminated due to coastal development projects.

  • Pitta brachyura   
  • - English Name : Fairy Pitta
  • - Class II Endangered Species. CITES Appendix II
    The 2000 IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)
    Red List (VU). Natural Monument No. 204

  • - Habitat :

    Groves of camellia and other deciduous trees in Jejudo Island, Geojedo Island, and Jindo Island. They’re sometimes seen in Gyeonggi-do in spring and autumn as well.

  • - Shape Characteristics :

    It has a body length of 18cm and several vivid colors, such as green, black, red, and brown.

  • - Ecological Characteristics :

    It’s hard to see these birds because they’re very cautious. They usually walk to prey. The prefer living in the areas with a thick layer of fallen leaves and rich in earthworms. There are about 2,500~10,000 of these birds all over the world.

  • - Feed : Earthworms, insects (beetles), crustacean, etc…