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Nammaetap ; The legend of a brother and sister brought together by the reward of a tiger

Nammaetap tells the story of a brother and sister who were brought together by the reward of a tiger.
After the fall of the Baekje kingdom a man of royal lineage fled to the woods to become a monk. This man dug a cave where he lived to follow a path of extreme ascetic life. One day he saw a tiger suffering from a bone caught in its throat. The man helped the tiger remove the bone, and as a gesture of gratitude, the tiger brought to the man a beautiful woman. It was winter and there was much snow on the ground, so the man and the woman had no choice but to share the cave together.
They soon grew fond of each other and the woman asked the man to marry her, but he refused because of his religious obligations. Instead they vowed to be brother and sister. They practiced Buddhism together and at the same time on the same day passed into Nirvana.
Nammaetap(Brother and sister pagoda) is where their sariras are preserved.