Korea National Parks

Flagship Species

  • Halcyon coromanda   
  • - English Name : Ruddy Kingfisher
  • - Habitat : Forests with a gorge
  • - Shape Characteristics :

    It has a body length of 27cm with a long red beak.

  • - Ecological Characteristics :

    Summer migratory bird. They were common in the past but are now rare. They have been seen continuously in Gyeryongsan National Park since the Natural Resource Research project of 1993.

  • - Feed : Small fish, frogs, crawfish, insects, etc…
  • Karsenia koreana   
  • - English Name : Korean Crevice Salamander
  • - Habitat : Under the rocks or leaves around a gorge.
  • - Shape Characteristics :

    It’s the smallest salamander with a body length of 5~7cm.

  • - Ecological Characteristics :

    This lungless amphibian breathes through its skin. It was first discovered in April 2003 in Jangtaesan Mountain, Daejeon. Since then, they were found to be living in Songnisan, Woraksan, Gayasan, and Naejangsan National Parks. It was the first salamander found in Asia that breathes through its skin. It’s a very important species in the aspects of biogeography.

  • - Feed : Small insects
  • - Special Characteristics :

    These rare resident ducks live near mountain streams all over Korea, particularly in Gumisan Mountain and Tohamsan Mountain in Gyeongju National Park all around the seasons. They’re designated as a natural monument, and there is a need to increase their number as well as habitats.