Korea National Parks

Gyeongju National Park is the only park regarded as a historical site in Korea. It’s home to Bulguksa Temple, which is regarded as one of the greatest Buddhist temples in Korea, Tohamsan Mountain with Seokgulam, and Namsan Mountain, which is called an outdoor museum. It’s been home to a total of 66 cultural properties including 11 National Treasures, 23 Treasures, 13 Historical Sites, and 18 Regional Cultural Properties as well as more than 1,200 animal and plant species for over a thousand years. Gyeongju National Park is being prepared for the next millennium. District wise, it belongs to 3 eups, 5 myeons, and 2 dongs.

Participation Procedure

National Park Experience

  • Period :
    2009.2.1 ~ 2009.11.30
    Time :
    1 Day 6 Hours Main Activities (Individuals)
    Main Activities (Individuals & Groups)

    - Study the number of visitors and various questionnaires

    - Preparation and assistance of event management at the office

    - Inspect park facilities and placards

Cyber Love of Thousand Years

  • Period :
    1st ~ 10th of every month
    Time :
    3 Hours a Day Main Activities
    Main Activities (Individuals & Groups)

    - Understanding of illegal hiking through internet search

    - Guidance in advance off/online

    - Organize various materials within the office

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