Korea National Parks


Bulguksa(Temple), and Seokguram(Grottto), built by kim Daeseong

In Moryang-ni, gyeongju lived an old woman and her son, daeseong. They were poor, so Daeseong worked in the field all day. One day, after hearing a sermon by a monk, the boy persuaded his mother to offer up their field to the temple for greater blessings in the future.
Later, Daeseong died suddenly, and on the same night the prime minister Kim Mullyang heard a voice say, “a boy named Daeseong will be reborn into your home.” Ten months later the prime minister’s wife gave birth to a son who was holding a gold plaque in his hand reading, “Daeseong”
Daeseong grew up to be a strong man. One day while hunting in tohamsan, he caught a bear. However, that night the bear appeared in Daeseong’s dream and said, “I will be reincarnated and have my revenge on you.” In exchange for forgiveness, Daeseong promised to build a temple for the bear. Daeseong built Ungsusa temple at the summit of Tohamsan where he found the bear and Mongseongsa(Temple) where the dream had occurred, and prayed for the heavenly bliss of the bear.
Daeseong realized he had been neglecting has spirituality and repented. So he dedicated himself to prayer and built Bulguksa for the prime minister and his wife, and Seokguram for the mother in his previous life