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The unfinished painting of Geungnakjeon (Hall of Paradise) at Anguksa

Among the many legends of Deogyusan, there is a legend related with Geungnakjeon (Hall of paradise) of Anguksa (Temple), which visitors can see for themselves.
After building the temple, Wolinhwasang (Monk) needed someone to paint the temple. Just then a man of shabby appearance showed up and volunteered to do the paintings. He would take 100 days to complete the job and until the painting was perfectly done, nobody was to be permitted into the temple. However, unable to calm his curiosity, on the 99th day, Wolinhwasang took a peek in the temple to see a crane painting the temple with a brush in its mouth,. Startled by the sight, the monk left the temple confused and perplexed. The crane left without completing the painting and today there is a small area where the painting of the roof remains unfinished at Geungnakjeon.