Korea National Parks


Origin of Chiaksan

It used to be called jeogaksan because of its beautiful maples in autumn, but changed to Chiaksan later because of the legend of the pheasant that rewarded a person’s kindness.
A stranger was walking along the path of Jeogaksan(Chiaksan) and came upon a pheasant wrapped around a snake. The stranger felt pity for the pheasant and killed the snake with an arrow. Later the stranger was looking for a place to stay at night and met a woman who treated him kindly.
However, during the night, the woman changed into a snake and wrapped itself around the stranger. The snake vowed revenge for its dead partner and said it would kill the stranger if the bell at Sangwonsa(Temple) failed to ring three times before dawn.
To repay the kindness of the stranger, the pheasant hit his head on the bell three times, and died, sawing the stranger from death. This legend has been drawn on the bell at Sangwonsa.