Korea National Parks


  • Located in the mountain inlands of Korea, Chiaksan was designated as the 16th national park in Korea in December 1984.
    It’s total area is about 181.6㎢, and east of its highest peak, Birobong(1,288m), lies hoengseong-gun and to the west is Wonju-si, Chiaksan has many steep valleys among its high peaks ranging above 1,000m such as Namdaebong in the south and maehwasan in the north, and it is know for having a beautiful scenic figure with steep slopes.
    .The geological foundation of Chiaksan is a metamorphic rock based on unknown sedimentary rocks. Biotite gneiss and Geumdae-ri schist are widely distributed throughout the range.
    The area is easily accessible through expressways such as Jungang Expressway and Yeongdong Expressway, and railroads. Lots of people visit Chiaksan National Park because of its proximity with the capital region.

    Chiaksan has a total of 821 species of plants and is expanding its natural forest with Mongolian oaks and Japanese oaks. As for inhabitants, there are a total of 2,364 animal species including 34 endangered species such as the Flying squirrel and Copper winged bat.

Chiaksan National Park map