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The legend of Suseondang and Gaeyanghalmi

Gaeyanghalmi, also known as the “Old Lady of Suseong.” is the guardian deity of the West Sea. She has nine daughters of which eight have been married to the other provinces in Korea and lives with her youngest daughter at Suseongdang(Shaman temple).
Gaeyanghalmi walks on the sea with her high wooden shoes and calms the waters to keep the fishermen safe from storms.
She also controls the bronze lion statue at the north end of Chaseokgang to keep the villagers and cattle safe from the tigers.
Suseongdang has been designated as Jeollabukdo Tangible Cultural Asset No.58, and a sacrificial altar from the Three Han Era has been discovered nearby. Even today, the villagers of Jungmak-dong conduct religious rituals here at Suseongdang to pray for the safely and prosperity of its fishermen of the day of the first full moon of the year.