Korea National Parks


  • Byeonsanbando National Park is the only peninsula based park in Korea with a mix of mountains and sea. It was designated as the 19th national park in Korea in 1988, with a total area of 154.71㎢.
    Byeonsanbando is divided into the mountain are Naebyeonsan(Inner) and the coastal area Oebyeonsan(Outer). Naebyeosan consists of rhyolite which was created through eruptions in the Cretaceous period. Stratifications are also clearly noticeable on Chaeseokgang and jeokbyeokgang(Cliffs) in the shores of Gyeokpo.
    Over 1.5million visitors come to Byeonsanbando national Park each year to see the rock formations, mountains, sea, and plains that decorate the area. The sunset is especially spectacular as this is the last place the sun goes down in Korea.

    Byeonsanbando has high ecological value because the habitats and ecosystem of rate plants and animals are well preserved. The park has 996 animal species and 877 different vascular plants. The wild plant community here comprises of the Adonis plant, Liverworts, and the Lycoris aurea. The Horned holly, Silver magnolia, Box-leaved holly, and White forsythia communities are under protection as Natural Treasures.

Byeonsanbando National Park map