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About National Parks

National Parks of Korea

National parks of Korea are considered as ‘the areas that represent the natural ecosystem and cultural scenes of the Republic of Korea’. They’re designated and managed by the government of the Republic of Korea in order to protect the areas and ensure sustainable use.

Jirisan Mountain was the first to be designated as a national park in 1967. Since then, a total of 22 areas have been designated as a national park. 6.7% of the Republic of Korea is protected as national parks.

The Korea National Park Service was established in 1987 to enable professional management of national parks. Its vision is to become a ‘world class professional park management organization that protects nature and ensures customer satisfaction’. It’s in charge of managing 21 national parks, excluding Hallasan National Park.

National Parks of Korea

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Taebaeksan Bukhansan Seoraksan Odaesan Chiaksan Taeanhaean Woraksan Sobeaksan Gyeryongsan Songnisan Juwangsan Deogyusan Naejangsan Byeonsanbando Mudeungsan Gyeongju Gayasan Jirisan Wolchulsan HallyeoHaesang DadohaeHaesang Hallasan