1-Day Course

Banyabong Peak Course [Jirisan]

Nogodan Peak is the first gateway for hiking to Jirisan Mountain, and is one of the three main peaks of the mountain. It is situated to the west of the hiking ridgeline, and rises 1,507m above sea level. Nogodan Peak features Nogounhae (one of the mountain’s ten major scenic views) and myriad wildfl ...

Samsinbong Peak Course [Jirisan]

The first leg runs for 2.5km from the Cheonghakdong Ticket Booth to Samsinbong Peak, and takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to cover. Visitors walk up the road along the valley where the waters run, and soon reach Samsincheon Spring where they can get some drinking water. From there, visitors climb 800m up ...

Manbokdae Terrace Course [Jirisan]

One of the ten most scenic views of Jirisan Mountain, Manbokdae Terrace means “many people enjoy lots of blessings”. Autumn presents a broad beautiful field of Miscanthus sinensis var. purpurascens (eulalia grass), evoking a deeply autumnal atmosphere. A multitude of 2m-high Sasa borealis (a species ...

Hwaeom Valley Course [Jirisan]

Hwaeomsa Temple was erected by Yeongijonjwa in 544 (the 22nd year of the reign of King Seongwang of the Baekje Kingdom). One of Korea’s ten temples of the Hwaeomjong Sect, its Gakhwangjeon Hall was once decorated with a stone-carved Avatamska Sutra. Gakhwangjeon Hall is a depository for keeping frag ...