1-Day Course

Dogap District~Gyeongpodae District [Wolchulsan]

Entrance to Dogapsa Temple -> Mineral Spring -> Cheonhwangbong Peak -> Baramjae Three-Way Intersection -> Gyeongpodae Parking Lot Entrance This trail is not that steep as the one in Cheonhwang District, but it’s still a difficult hiking trail.

Jungsanni (Kalbawi) Course [Jirisan]

The Jungsanni Course is the shortest cut to Cheonwangbong Peak. This attracts many visitors. People are banned from entering National parks at night. At present, Jirisan National Park is open to the public at 3 in the morning during the summer season(April~October), and at 4 in the moring during ...

Baemsagol Valley Course [Jirisan]

Baemsagol Valley, situated one hour’s walk from Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do, is 9.2km long. It features diverse ponds and beautiful valley. Walking 2km further up the valley from the Baemsagol Travel Information Center, Yoryongdae comes into view. This rock’s name derives from its shape, which is said t ...

Baengmudong Course [Jirisan]

Baengmudong, situated in Macheon-myeon, Hamyang-gun, is one of the main gateways for climbing up to Cheowangbong Peak from the north of Jirisan Mountain. The path from Baengmudong to Jangteomok Shelter is 5.8Km long and takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to travel. 2km up the road from the Baengmudong Tic ...