1-Day Course

Guryong Hiking Support Center~Seryeom Waterfall Course [Chiaksan]

This is a popular course in Chiaksan Mountain. Its gentle slope makes it easy for elderly people and children to hike. This 3.0km trail takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to cover.

Jeolgol Course [Juwangsan]

It takes more than three hours to reach Gamebong Peak standing 820 meters tall. Gamebong Peak is also called Seongneumbong Peak. After reaching the top of Juwangsan Mountain, you can choose to take the hiking trail that leads to Daejeonsa Temple. It takes more than three hours to come down from the ...

Woroe Course 2 [Juwangsan]

This course starts from Woroe Park Protection Area and passes through Dalgi Waterfall, the most popular waterfall in Woroe District, Neogu Village, Geumeungwangi Three-Way Intersection, Waterfall No. 3, and Waterfall No. 1 before descending to Sangui Parking Lot in Sangui District.

Janggunbong Peak ~ Geumeungwangi Course [Juwangsan]

The trail starts from Sangui Parking Lot of Juwangsan National Park and passes through Janggunbong Peak and Geumeungwangi before descending to the Jubang Valley Course. Caution: Hikers are advised to be careful because the trail between Sangui Control Center, Baeknyeonam Temple, and Janggunbong Pea ...