2-Day Course

Hangyeryeong Pass Course [Seoraksan]

1,004m-high Hangyeryeong Pass is the junction point between Yeongdong and Yeongseo and between inner Seoraksan and outer Seoraksan. Hangyeryeong is part of Seoraksan Mountain. At the pass, you can see Manmulsang Ridge in the direction of Yangyang and the beautiful valley in the direction of Inje.

Gongnyong Ridge Course [Seoraksan]

It takes 5-6 hours to pass the 5.1km-long Gongnyong Ridge. It is a junction point between Yeongdong (referring to the east of Taebaek Mountains) and Yeongseo (the west of Taebaek Mountains). It is a very rigorous course, with changeable weather and steep paths. You should take thorough precautions a ...

Range Trail Course [Deogyusan]

The most popular hiking course in Deogyusan Mountain is the Range Trail between Nam-Deogyu and Buk-Deogyu. The trail starts from Gucheondong Hiking Support Center and passes through Baeknyeonsa Temple, Hyangjeokbong Peak, Dongeopijae, Bulyeongbong Peak (Muryongsan Mountain), and Satgatgoljae before ...

Bigeum Dochodo Course [Dadohaehaesang]

Dochodo Island is located 54.5km southwest of Mokpo. It’s one of the 830 islands of Sinan-gun. With an area of 43.4㎢ and 74km long coastline, it’s the 13th largest island in Korea. On the west coast of this island is Simok Beach, which is part of Dadohae National Park. The beach includes a campsit ...

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