1-Day Course

Baramarae Beach [Taeanhaean]

Baramarae Beach is located at the southern most corner of Taean Coast National Park. It’s not a well-known beach, so it’s not crowded except during the busy season. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a quiet place to relax.

Gijipo Beach [Taeanhaean]

Gijipo Beach is characterized by an open sandbar and seashore. Naepasudo, Nachido and Tokkisoem Islands create a picturesque view over the ocean at sunset. In particular, the rape flowers and palm trees along the coastal highway leading to Gijipo Port and Sambong Beach create an exotic view in April ...

Bugok Park Protection Area~Birobong Course [Chiaksan]

Bugok District, Chiaksan Mountain has many thick groves and deep valleys that create a beautiful scenery. There are lots to see, such as Gajaebawi Rock and a number of historical sites like the place where a historical figure named Won Cheon-seok too refugee, Taejongdae, and Nogoso. The area is not ...

Guryong Hiking Support Center~Birobong Course [Chiaksan]

The hiking trail from Guryong Hiking Support Center to Seryeom Waterfall is gently sloped, so it’s probably the best trail to stroll. However, the trail between Seryeom Waterfall and Birobong Peak is steep and rugged, so it’s recommended to those looking for a challenge. There are more than 1,000 s ...