1-Day Course

Geumsusan Mountain Course 2 [Woraksan]

This is the course going up to the top from Sanghak Parking Lot at the opposite side of the course 1. Large coaches can be parked at the Sanghak Parking Lot, and passenger cars can be parked at the 3-way junction passing by Sanghak Village. On the way to the summit, visitors can view Namgeunseok Par ...

Geumsusan Mountain Course 1 [Woraksan]

Geumsusan Mountain is a mountain at an altitude of 1,016m located at the far north of Woraksan National Park. Visitors can enjoy two courses: Sangcheon-ri ? Geumsusan Mountain ? Sangcheon-ri. Going down toward Sanghak Parking Lot on the opposite side from the mountain top. Geumsusan Mountain Cour ...

Haneuljae Pass History Observation Path [Woraksan]

Haneuljae is the oldest pass that can be confirmed by literature in Korea. This path offers an opportunity for visitors to encounter natural environment of the national park along with history. This path was formed in order to increase opportunity to use eco-national park. Haneuljae Pass History ...

Jebibong Peak Course 2 [Woraksan]

Jebi Peak is at the altitude of 721m, and the course of Janghoe-ri ? Jebibong Peak ? Janghoe-ri is the general course. It takes about 3 hours and 30 min for the return trip, and the return tour course length is 4.6km. The rush forest of quercus mongolica and cork oak along the way to the summit offe ...

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