1-Day Course

Daeseung Falls Course [Seoraksan]

The 80m-high Daeseung Falls is located about 2 km from the entrance to Jangsudae in the direction of Daeseungnyeong. It is said to be one of the country’s three leading waterfalls, along with Guryong Falls in Geumgangsan Mountain and Bagyeon Falls in Gaeseong. The following story is handed down ab ...

Yongso Falls Course [Seoraksan]

Jujeongol Valley got its name from the fact that bandits made counterfeit coins at this valley. Jujeon in Korean means coin minting and gol means valley. An easy hiking course even for children and senior citizens. Visitors find various beautiful sceneries along the valley made by Seongguksa Temple, ...

Geumganggul Cave Course [Seoraksan]

There was a flap-topped rock associated with legend that a mountain god named Mago used to lie there and enjoy the scenery (Perhaps, this led to the name Waseondae). A large rock was washed down from the upstream during a flood and laid on the rock. Thus, its previous shape is now gone. Legend has ...

Gwongeumseong Fortress Course [Seoraksan]

Gwongeumseong is a stone fortress at the top of Seoraksan Mountain. The fortress structure is about 1m high and 300m long. About half of the structure still remains. Legend has it that the name Gwongeum was derived after two families, i.e. Gwon and Kim (also pronounced geum in Chinese character) too ...

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