1-Day Course

Mangwolsa, Podae, and Hoeryong Courses [Bukhansan]

Wondobong Peak was once called Dobongsan Mountain. This course is recommended for those who wish to think in quiet while hiking because it’s very quiet. This hiking trail is flanked by Styrax obassia with white flowers in full bloom in spring, and peony and locust flowers bloom in early spring. In ...

Sapae Mountain Course [Bukhansan]

Go past Songchu Office and follow the hiking trail, and you can enjoy the wonderful views of nature particularly because not many people come to the place. Follow the course and climb the hill for about 1.3km, and you will come across a big empty lot called “Kaepsodae”. It’s where an army was based ...

Daedongmun Course [Bukhansan]

The Jindallae Mountain Range Trail is a hiking path located in the middle of Bukhansan National Park that starts from Baeknyeon Park Protection Area and passes through Jindallae Mountain Range before reaching Daedongmun Gate. It takes about one and half hours to cover the 2.8km distance. Azaleas com ...

Samobawi Course [Bukhansan]

You can’t enter Gugi Gorge because it has been applied by the Rest-Year Sabbatical System since December 1998, but there is a hiking trail along the gorge. It’s the most popular hiking course in Bukhansan Mountain as over 100,000 people take the trail every year. It takes about two hours to cover t ...

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