2-Day Course

Yupyeong Course [Jirisan]

The road from the Yupyeong Ticket Booth to Saejaemaeul is narrow, but the concrete paved road, however, forms a very agreeable forest tunnel. Visitors can also appreciate the beautiful scene formed by Yupyeong Valley and bask in the cozy atmosphere of Daewonsa Temple. Leaving behind Daewonsa Temple, ...

Guryong Hiking Support Center~Seongnam Hiking Support Center (Mountain Ridge Trail) [Chiaksan]

This mountain ridge trail starts from Guryong Hiking Support Center and passes through Seryeom Waterfall, Birobong Peak, Godeunjae, Hyangrobong Peak, Namdaebong Peak, and Seongnam Hiking Support Center. This 23.8km trail takes about 10 hours from end to end. You need to start hiking from Guryong Hik ...

Baekdu Daegan Course 1 (Jungnyeong ~ Yeonhwabong Peak ~ Birobong Peak ~ Gungmangbong Peak ~ Gochir [Sobaeksan]

At Yeonhwabong Peak, you will see Birobong Peak in the distance in the northeast direction. After the path for natural observation, there is a long downhill path. It is an area full of trees. Following a path of many gentle slopes, you will reach a spot where you are faced with a peak in the opposit ...

Daecheongbong Peak Course [Seoraksan]

Starting from the ticket office at the entrance and passing the seated bronze Buddha and Geumgangchoronggyo Bridge, you will enter the Biseondae Path, a wooded forest path. Even the handicapped can go to Waseondae (containing a story of Mago who was lying on the platform) without difficulty. It take ...

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