1-Day Course

Mansubong Peak Course 1 [Woraksan]

Mansubong Peak is a narrow or flat rocky peak located at about 8k from the ridge of Woraksan Mountain. At the entrance, Mansu Gorge Nature Observation Path is located formed by Woraksan National Park. Slope is not so steep, and thus this course is favored by many novice visitors.

Oksunbong Peak Course [Woraksan]

Oksunbong Peak is one of the eight scenic views in Danyang, and is adjacent to Chungjuho Lake. Although the peak is not high, visitors can feel refreshed and openness, when visitors go up to the top of the peak, and the view of Chungjuho Lake is fantastic.

Mansu Valley Nature Observation Path [Woraksan]

Nature Observation Path is a touring path, where visitors can experience and observe the mystery and wonder of nature first hand, along with a natural environment guide of the national park. A variety of plants and insects live here. In the water of the gorge, Chinese minnows, and minnows are swi ...

Bukbawisan Mountain Course 2 [Woraksan]

Bukbawisan Mountain which means Drum Mountain was named after its appearance as there is a huge rock resembling a drum. Ropes and wooden steps are installed on the steep path, since it consists of rocky ridges. Thanks to these, novice mountain hikers can also safely go up the mountain. It normally t ...