1-Day Course

Gyeongpodae Round-Trip Course [Wolchulsan]

Gyeongpodae Parking Lot-Mineral Spring-Cheonhwangbong Peak-Baramjae Three-Way Intersection-Gyeongpodae Parking Lot. This is the most visited hiking trail in summer. It’s a gentle slope towards Cheonhwangbong Peak along Gyeongpodae Valley with a fairly large stream of water flowing down, which is ra ...

Yeongbong Peak Course 4 [Woraksan]

The ridge course of Habong Peak ? Jungbong Peak ? Yeongbong Peak is the course offering a true thrill. Vehicles can only come up to the Susalli Village in Deoksan-myeon of Jecheon around National Road No. 36 between Chungju and Danyang. For this reason, it is good to travel on foot from there, since ...

Yeongbong Peak Course 3 [Woraksan]

The access by large coaches to the course between Silleuksa Temple and Yeongbong Peak is difficult, and access by other public transport means is also difficult. Therefore, not many visitors take this course, but visitors can go up to the summit within the shortest time among the courses ascending t ...

Yeongbong Peak Course 2 [Woraksan]

Yeongbong, a major peak of Woraksan Mountain, is 1,097m above sea level, and the most visitors use this course. This course is open all year round, and required time for return course is about 6 hours, and return course length is about 10.3km. The rocks consisting of the peak are about 4km in circum ...