1-Day Course

Cheongpodae Beach [Taeanhaean]

Cheongpodae Beach is located slightly south of Mongsanpo Beach. As the name suggests, it has a thick pine grove and sandy beach that stretches to Mongsanpo Beach.

Cheollipo Beach [Taeanhaean]

There are a number of beaches in Sowon-myeon, including Mallipo, Cheollipo, Baengnipo, and Simnipo.

Mongsanpo Beach [Taeanhaean]

Mongsanpo Beach stretches 3.5km in total, and about 3km of the sea floor is revealed during ebb tide. The gentle slope makes it easy to examine the ecosystem, so there is a nature commentary program at the site.

Baramarae Beach [Taeanhaean]

Baramarae Beach is located at the southern most corner of Taean Coast National Park. It’s not a well-known beach, so it’s not crowded except during the busy season. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a quiet place to relax.

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