1-Day Course

Chimok Course [Deogyusan]

Jeoksangsan Mountain is located northwest of Deogyusan National Park. The name “Jeok-Sang” literally means “Red-Skirt”. It earned the name because the mountain looks like a woman wearing a red skirt in autumn, as tree leaves all over the mountain turn red in the season.

Satgatgoljae Course [Deogyusan]

The hiking trail between Hwangjeom and Satgatgoljae is very short, so most hikers taking this trail do not sleep over. However, if you plan to hike to Buk-Deogyu (Hyangjeokbong Peak) or Nam-Deogyu (Bonghwangsan Mountain), you’re recommended to spend the night at Satgatgoljae Shelter and continue hik ...

Wolseongjae Course [Deogyusan]

This is the shortest way to Satgatjae. The trail is gently sloped until the halfway to the end (app. 1 hour), but it’s very steep after that (app. 30 minute distance). The scenery of the gorges is not very outstanding, but shows the natural beauty.

Dongeopijae Course [Deogyusan]

This mountain trail starts from Anseong Hiking Support Center and passes through Chilyeon Three-Way Intersection and Dongeup Ijae. In particular, the seven peaks created by Chilyeon Waterfall flowing down in between the cliffs of thick groves form a picturesque view.

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