2-Day Course

Geomundo Baekdo Course [Dadohaehaesang]

Baekdo Island is located about 28km from Geomundo Island. It earned the named Baekdo (Hundred Islands) because people thought there are more than 100 islands. But actually, it’s an uninhabited archipelago with only 39 small islands. The Baekdo Tour on a cruise ship takes about 3 hours including the ...

Bigeum Dochodo Course [Dadohaehaesang]

Dochodo Island is located 54.5km southwest of Mokpo. It’s one of the 830 islands of Sinan-gun. With an area of 43.4㎢ and 74km long coastline, it’s the 13th largest island in Korea. On the west coast of this island is Simok Beach, which is part of Dadohae National Park. The beach includes a campsit ...

Hongdo Course [Dadohaehaesang]

Hongdo is a small island located about 2 hours and 30 minutes off Mokpo on a fast boat. It has a total area of 6.47㎢, stretching 2.4km from east to west and 6.4km from north to south. The total length of the coast is 20.8km. The island is named ‘Hongdo’, or ‘Red Island’, because the whole island tu ...

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