1-Day Course

Bogukmun Course [Bukhansan]

This is the most popular hiking trail in Jeongneung District, Bukhansan National Park, stretching from Jeungneung to Bogukmun. Jeongneung Gorge was once called Cheongsugol because it has a clear stream and is surrounded by a beautiful forest. There is a bridge called Salhanigyo past the Jeongneung H ...

Sinseondae Course [Bukhansan]

This is the main hiking trail in Dobongsan Mountain as well as the shortest route to Sinseondae and the three highest peaks in the mountain, which are: Seoninbong Peak (708m), Manjangbong Peak (718), and Jaunbong Peak (740m). Jaunbong Peak is the tallest peak in the mountain, and there is no trail l ...

Baegundae Course [Bukhansan]

The Baegundae Hiking Trail in Bukhansan National Park starts from Baegundae Peak. Along with this 836.5m high peak, Insubong Peak to the north and Mangyeongdae Peak to the south look like a triangular horn. On this trail, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the mountain.

Sogwicheon Course [Bukhansan]

The Sogwicheon Hiking Trail is the most popular path in Ui District among nature lovers. It earned the name “Sogwicheon” because the valley looks like a cow’s ear. The natural environment surrounding the valley is very well preserved. It’s an easy trail for everyone. There are many 40~50 year-old t ...

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