1-Day Course

Maemul Lighthouse Island Course (Somaemuldo Island) [Hallyeohaesang]

Somaemuldo Island, located in Maeju-ri, Hansan-myeon, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, is known for the geometrically-shaped rocks which line the tops of its cliffs. The island also boasts beautiful landscapes made of cliffs and tunnels created by the erosive power of waves. The island is also calle ...

Geumsan Mt. Course 1 [Hallyeohaesang]

Geumsan Course 1 runs from the Geumsan Hiking Support Center to the top of the mountain. The course is 2.2km long and takes about an hour and a half to complete by foot. There is a crossroads about 30m from the center on the way to the top. One road leads to the top of the mountain while another lea ...

Cheondong Course (Cheondong ~ Birobong Peak) [Sobaeksan]

It is a representative course between Danyang and the summit of Sobaeksan Mountain. Downhill courses are: 1) Yeonhwabong Peak ? Sobaeksan Observatory - Jungnyeong Pass or Huibangsa Temple, 2) Birobong Peak ? Gungmangbong Peak ? Choamsa Temple, and 3) Birobong Peak ? Hiking Support Center in Eouigok ...

Biryong Falls Course [Seoraksan]

“Long ago, the villagers suffered from a dire drought. The villagers found that a dragon stopped the flow of the stream from the fall. They offered a maid as a sacrifice. Then, the dragon disappeared into the sky, thus letting the stream flow." “Biryong” literally means a flying dragon. Bathing or ...