1-Day Course

Yeocha - Hongpo Port Course(Geoje-Haegeumgang Island district) [Hallyeohaesang]

Yeocha - Hongpo Port Course is not a mountain course but rather an unpaved road that leads to the Hongpo Observatory, which offers tourists one of the most beautiful sunsets to be seen in the Geoje-Haegeumgang River area.

Namhae Daegyo Bridge Course [Hallyeohaesang]

The Namhae Daegyo Bridge course enables tourists to visit various historical sites that conserve the spirit of General Yi Sun-sin. Iraksa Temple (Historical Site No. 232 Site, where Gwaneumpoi Chungmugong fell) is home to the monument, monument pavilion and last will and testament of General Yi, and ...

Yaso - Hapo Port Course(Tongyeong-Hansando Island district) [Hallyeohaesang]

The Yaso - Hapo Course is about 3.8km long and takes about two hours to complete. It is an easy course that even beginners can enjoy. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park and the harmony of the sea and the islands from the top of Mangsan Mt.

Geumsan Mt. Nature-Eco Observation Road [Hallyeohaesang]

The Geumsan Nature Observation Road was built to allow climbers to look at nature from a different perspective and to understand how plants grow. A number of signs have been erected to explain the ecosystem of plants, insects and animals, helping tourists to acquire a better understanding of local ...