1-Day Course

Cypress Natural Recreation Forest ~ Anyangsan ~ Jangbuljae ~ Anyangsan~ Buksan ~ Yudunjae [Mudeungsan]

By passing around Anyangsan and Baekma Ridge where there are different attraction points for each season with the azalea in spring and weeds in autumn, the area offers the full view of the peak of Mudeungsan and 3 major stone views (Ipseokdae, Seoseokdae, and Gwangseokdae). After Jangbuljae and Gyub ...

Dowon Village ~ Jangbuljae ~ Gyubongam ~ Simujigi Waterfall ~ Iseo School (Sangsang Arboretum) [Mudeungsan]

After passing Dowon Brand Village that contains splendid view and cozy atmosphere along to reach Jangbuljae, it has Dowon Valley with impressive broad and flat rock surface of Neoreok Bawie. The clean air of the valley makes healthy mind and body and it sprouts the phytoncide that is great for healt ...

Dangsan Tree Course [Mudeungsan]

This is the course to start from Jeungsim parking to pass Dangsan Namu to reach Jungmeorijae and this course offers to pass Dangsan Namu where it has the memorial service as the guiding god of the village to reach to the point that looks like the head of a monk to have the name of Jungmeorijae. This ...

Jeutjae - Old Path Course [Mudeungsan]

Starting from the middle part of Mudeungsan, it goes through Jangbuljae to view Seoseokdae and Ipseokdae and this is the course to take a look at the entire outline of Mudeungsan. In addition, from the old paths of Mudeungsan, it may find Old Path 2 that is the best maintained to return back to Wonh ...