1-Day Course

Yeonpo Beach [Taeanhaean]

Yeonpo Beach is famous for a long sandy beach and shelterbelt consisted of groves of big cone pine trees. Along with Mongsanpo Beach, its sandbar is suitable for studying the ecosystem. That’s why there is a sandbar commentary program called “The Story of Live Yeongpo Sandbar”.

Hagampo Beach [Taeanhaean]

Hagampo Beach is located at the northern most corner of Taean Coast National Park. It has a high ecological value because of clear water and well-developed sand hills.

Bangpo Beach [Taeanhaean]

Bangpo Beach is also called “Jeotgae”. It’s well known for the grove of goldenrain trees (Natural Monument No. 138) and strangely shaped rocks named Halmi and Harabi Bawi. There are about 500 goldenrain trees in the area, and it is believed that the seeds were carried to the place by the ocean curre ...

Padori Beach [Taeanhaean]

Padori Beach is famous for pretty round pebbles.

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