1-Day Course

Cheondong Eouigok Valley Course (Cheondong ~ Birobong Peak ~ Eouigok Valley)

It is a course favored by visitors. The course (5.1km) is a shorter but more rigorous course than the Cheongdong-Birobong Peak Course. Walking down Eouigok Valley, you can see the well-preserved path and the clean stream of water.

Dosolbong Peak Course (Sadong ~ Myojeongnyeong Pass ~ Dosolbong Peak ~ Jungnyeong Pass)

The clean stream of water in the valley at the entrance of the course and the primeval forest attracts urban dwellers. At Dosolbong Peak, you will utter a word of exclamation in spite of your self at the beautiful surroundings in all direction. You should check in advance to see whether the course ...

Huibangsa Temple Course (Huibangsa Temple ~ Yeonhwabong Peak)

The 28m-high Huibang Falls is the largest inland waterfalls in the country. On some days, water particles fly as far as the path. Huibangsa Temple was built during the reign of Queen Seondeok (r. 632 ~ 647 AD). The bronze bell there is designated as Gyeongsangbuk-do Tangible Cultural Property No.226

Choamsa Temple Course (Choamsa Temple ~ Gungmangbong Peak)

Visitors walking along the valley feel as if they are in a faraway land, listening to the gurgling sound of the stream. During dog days in summer, the shady path extended to the summit is what you are thankful for.

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