1-Day Course

Nogodan Peak Course

The Seongsamjae Pass ~ Nogodan Peak Course is open throughout the year, and takes just 1 hour (4.7km) to cover. Vehicles are not allowed in. Visitors depart from the Seongsamjae Service Area, and walk up the road for 30 minutes to reach Munenggi (1,250m above sea level). Munenggi, crowned with an ob ...

Cheoneunsa Temple ~ Seongsamjae Pass Course

Cheoneusa Temple ~ Seonsamjae Pass Course is a 10km itinerary that traverses Jirisan Mountain (Local Road No. 861). It was opened in 1988. 200m further on from the Cheoneun Tourist Support Center, Cheoneunsa Temple comes into view. Along the way, there are many Zen Buddhist Hermitages including Sa ...

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