1-Day Course

Jungnyeong Course (Jungnyeong Pass ~ Yeonhwabong Peak ~ Birobong Peak)

Moving along the National Road No. 5 from Danyang in the direction of Yeongju, you will reach 696m-high Jungnyeong Pass at the top of the many-curved uphill road. A two and half hours’ walk from the pass will take you to Yeonhwabong Peak, where there are an observatory, an overlook and a path for n ...

Eouigok Euljeon Course (Eouigok Valley ~ Birobong Peak ~ Gungmangbong Peak ~ Neujeunmaegijae Pass

It is a course that will take you back to the parking lot in Eouigok Valley. Thus, it is favored by those who come to the area in a car. The course lets you enjoy the beauty of primeval nature, but it takes a long time. It is also a rigorous course for beginners. You should check in advance to see w ...

Huibangsa Samga Course (Huibangsa Temple ~ Yeonhwabong Peak ~ Birobong Peak ~ Samga)

It is not a rigorous course itself, but you should consider the time taken to reach this ridge course from down below. It is advisable to take sufficient precautions, particularly in winter, as it is very windy.

Samga Choam Course (Samga ~ Birobong Peak ~ Gungmangbong Peak ~ Choamsa Temple)

Visitors love the scenery made by royal azaleas on both sides of the path in spring. You should check in advance to see whether the course is open. It is closed during some period every year. You should consider the fact the course is not taken by many visitors, which means that it is difficult to c ...

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