1-Day Course

Monggye Waterfall~Baekyangsa Temple Course

Many people take this course in summer to see the cold waterfall. Go up towards Saejae from Namchang Parking Lot, and you will see the Hiking Support Center (Siin Maeul, or ‘Poet Village’). Take the road next to it to go to Monggye Waterfall. The level of difficulty is about the same as other interm ...

Nature Observation Course

This trail was built in 1992 for people visiting Naejangsan National Park to observe and appreciate nature while taking in the beautiful sights of the mountain. It’s a great hiking course for children. It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to cover the 3.56km trail. Go past 108 Danpung Tunnel, which ...

Geumseon Gorge Course

Start from Hiking Information Center, go past Naejangsa Temple, take the path on the left, and walk along Geumseon Gorge. This path will take you to Yonggul (Dragon Cave), Gireum Bawi (Gireum Rock), Sinseonmun, and finally to Geumseon Waterfall. The Yonggul has a width of 8.5m, length of 8m, and hei ...

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