1-Day Course

Manbokdae Terrace Course

One of the ten most scenic views of Jirisan Mountain, Manbokdae Terrace means “many people enjoy lots of blessings”. Autumn presents a broad beautiful field of Miscanthus sinensis var. purpurascens (eulalia grass), evoking a deeply autumnal atmosphere. A multitude of 2m-high Sasa borealis (a species ...

Hwaeom Valley Course

Hwaeomsa Temple was erected by Yeongijonjwa in 544 (the 22nd year of the reign of King Seongwang of the Baekje Kingdom). One of Korea’s ten temples of the Hwaeomjong Sect, its Gakhwangjeon Hall was once decorated with a stone-carved Avatamska Sutra. Gakhwangjeon Hall is a depository for keeping frag ...

Buril Waterfall Course

Hadong Ssanggyesa Temple is famous for its Sipri Cherry Blossom Road, and attracts a multitude of tourists every year when the cherry flowers are in bloom. Falling cherry blossoms harmonize with the blue waters of the Seomjingnag River, creating a delightful scene. Ssanggyesa Temple, nestled in Ji ...

Piagol Valley Course

Piagol Valley is located in Naedong-ri, Toji-myeon, Gurye-gun. From the valley, the stream flows to the southeast of Nogosan Peak, the gateway to Jirisan Mountain, and runs into the Seomjingang River. A film called “Piagol” was produced here immediately after the Korean War. The fratricidal strug ...

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