1-Day Course

Samga - Cheondong Course

It is the shortest path to the Birobong Peak, Sobaeksan Mountain. It starts from the Hiking Support Center in Samga-ri, Punggi-eup. A 10 minutes’ walk and you will find a signpost of Dalbatgol and a small village near an open space. Walking along the road to the left of Dalbatgol, you will find ho ...

Cheondong Course (Cheondong ~ Birobong Peak)

It is a representative course between Danyang and the summit of Sobaeksan Mountain. Downhill courses are: 1) Yeonhwabong Peak ? Sobaeksan Observatory - Jungnyeong Pass or Huibangsa Temple, 2) Birobong Peak ? Gungmangbong Peak ? Choamsa Temple, and 3) Birobong Peak ? Hiking Support Center in Eouigok ...

Baekdu Daegan Course 3 (Maguryeong ~ Nujeunmogi)

Maguryeong is a pass between Buseok-myeon, Yeongju-si and Imgok-ri and Namdae-ri, Buseok-myeon. After 10 minutes’ walk along the steep uphill path in the easterly direction, you will reach a heliport, where you will have the first open view after passing Sangwolbong Peak. The part of Baekdu Daegan l ...

Baekdu Daegan Course 2 (Gochiryeong Pass ~ Maguryeong Pass)

You need to take some potable water at Gochiryeong Pass. After a walk along the ridge, you will find a heliport, where you can have a view of Hyeongjebong Peak and part of Sobaeksan Mountain. After many repeated gentle slopes, you will reach Minaechi. Looking at the clear trace of olden-day paths t ...

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