1-Day Course

Chimok Course

Jeoksangsan Mountain is located northwest of Deogyusan National Park. The name “Jeok-Sang” literally means “Red-Skirt”. It earned the name because the mountain looks like a woman wearing a red skirt in autumn, as tree leaves all over the mountain turn red in the season.

Satgatgoljae Course

The hiking trail between Hwangjeom and Satgatgoljae is very short, so most hikers taking this trail do not sleep over. However, if you plan to hike to Buk-Deogyu (Hyangjeokbong Peak) or Nam-Deogyu (Bonghwangsan Mountain), you’re recommended to spend the night at Satgatgoljae Shelter and continue hik ...

Wolseongjae Course

This is the shortest way to Satgatjae. The trail is gently sloped until the halfway to the end (app. 1 hour), but it’s very steep after that (app. 30 minute distance). The scenery of the gorges is not very outstanding, but shows the natural beauty.

Dongeopijae Course

This mountain trail starts from Anseong Hiking Support Center and passes through Chilyeon Three-Way Intersection and Dongeup Ijae. In particular, the seven peaks created by Chilyeon Waterfall flowing down in between the cliffs of thick groves form a picturesque view.

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