1-Day Course

Wando Gugyedeung Course

Drive about 10 minutes on Seobu-Doro (West Road) from Wando-eup and you’ll see the Dadohae National Park Jeongdo-ri Hiking Information Center where you can learn about Gugyedeung in Jeongdo-ri before going there. Obtain some information on Gugyedeung from the information center, go down the trail n ...

Hyangilam Course

Hyangilam Temple (Cultural Property Material No. 40) is one of the four temples dedicated to Avalokite?vara bodhisattva in Korea. Originally named Wontongam Temple, it was built in 644 (4th year under the reign of King Uija of Baekje) by a great Buddhist priest named Wonhyo. It was renamed to Geumoa ...

Balpo Beach Course

The sandy beach has a length of about 1km and a width of 100m. It’s located 16km southeast of Goheung-eup. The beach is shallow and gently sloped. The fine yellow sand is known to be good for arthritis and female diseases. It’s a great fishing spot because there are lots of fish near the beach. You ...

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