1-Day Course

Sinwonsa Course 2

This course starts from Sinwonsa Parking Lot. This long trail passes through the ancient temples of Sinwonsa and Gowangam, Yeoncheonbong Peak, which is the highest peak in Sinwonsa District, Gwaneumbong Peak, Jayeon Seongneung, Sambulbong Peak, and Nammaetap Pagoda, and ends at Donghaksa Temple. Th ...

Donghaksa Course 2

This course starts from Donghaksa Parking Lot and passes through Donghaksa Temple and some of the major peaks of Gyeryongsan Mountain including Yeoncheonbong Peak, Gwaneumbong Peak, and Sambulbong Peak. Inexperienced hikers are highly recommended not to take this course. This itinerary is only for ...

Sutonggol Course 2

This 8.7km-long path starts from Sutonggol Parking Lot. It passes through Sutonggol Hiking Information Center, Dodeokbong Peak, Gariul Three-Way Intersection, Geumsubong Peak, Seongbukdong Three-Way Intersection, and Bingyesan Mountain before taking you back to Sutonggol Parking Lot again. It’s a l ...

Gapsa Course 2

This is a long path that passes through Gapsa Temple, Wonhyodae, Yeoncheonbong Peak, Jayeon Seongneung, Sambulbong Peak, and Donghaksa Temple. It’s a great path to take in the beautiful scenery of Gapsa Temple because it runs long Orisup Forest from Gapsa Parking Lot to Gapsa Temple, where you can ...

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