2-Day Course

Daecheongbong Peak Course

Starting from the ticket office at the entrance and passing the seated bronze Buddha and Geumgangchoronggyo Bridge, you will enter the Biseondae Path, a wooded forest path. Even the handicapped can go to Waseondae (containing a story of Mago who was lying on the platform) without difficulty. It take ...

Hangyeryeong Pass Course

1,004m-high Hangyeryeong Pass is the junction point between Yeongdong and Yeongseo and between inner Seoraksan and outer Seoraksan. Hangyeryeong is part of Seoraksan Mountain. At the pass, you can see Manmulsang Ridge in the direction of Yangyang and the beautiful valley in the direction of Inje.

Gongnyong Ridge Course

It takes 5-6 hours to pass the 5.1km-long Gongnyong Ridge. It is a junction point between Yeongdong (referring to the east of Taebaek Mountains) and Yeongseo (the west of Taebaek Mountains). It is a very rigorous course, with changeable weather and steep paths. You should take thorough precautions a ...