1-Day Course

Janggak-dong Course

It is a short path, but not an easy one. Janggak Falls located at the entrance to Sango-ri attracts the attention of visitors. Near it, there is a seven story stone pagoda designated as Treasure No.683 after restoration in 1977.

Chilbosan Mountain Course

The name Chilbosan literally means the seven peaks beautiful like jewelry. The mountain is the destination most popular in Ssanggok area. In fall, the changing colors of tree leaves elicit admiration from visitors.

Sinseondae Course

You cannot say that you have been to Songnisan Mountain without visiting Munjangdae. The path to Munjangdae most favored by hikers is the Beopjusa Temple ? Sesimjeong ? Munjangdae (6.9km) course or the Hwabuk ? Munjangdae (3.3km) course. The latter is the shortest way to reach Munjangdae. It takes 1 ...

Cheonwangbong Peak Course

The course features: Cheongbeopdae Peak (or Chilhyeongjebong Peak); Sinseondae; Ipseokdae, which offers an open view of the Sinseondae ~ Cheonwangbong Peak; Birobong Peak; a bamboo colony leading to Cheonwangbok Peak. Cheonwangbong Peak may look small, but offers a spectacular view. Munjangdae, Gwa ...

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