1-Day Course

Biryong Falls Course

“Long ago, the villagers suffered from a dire drought. The villagers found that a dragon stopped the flow of the stream from the fall. They offered a maid as a sacrifice. Then, the dragon disappeared into the sky, thus letting the stream flow." “Biryong” literally means a flying dragon. Bathing or ...

Osaek Course

The course extending from Osaek District through Seorak Pokpo (Falls) to Daecheongbong (Peak) is the shortest course to Daecheongbong. The course is steeper than other courses and offers not many things to see. It is the course most favored by visitors. Daecheongbong is a very important place for ...

Suryeom-dong Course

Walking along the course, you will see Baekamsa Temple. In the 1st year of the reign of Queen Jindeok of Silla or 647 AD, Buddhist monk Jajangyulsa built a temple named Hangyesa, but it was destroyed by fire several times. In 1455, the current temple building was built. The name Baekdam refers to th ...

Yangpok Course

After starting from Sogongwon Park and passing Iljumun Gate, you reach Biseondae (the platform for flying immortal spirit). There are two paths leading to Daecheongbong Peak from there. The two paths offer conspicuous different in terms of the distance, the time taken and rigorousness. Going up hi ...

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