1-Day Course

Sangwangbong Course

This mountain trail starts from Sangwonsa Temple and takes you to Birobong Peak before reaching Sangwangbong Peak. The Baekdu Mountain Range passes through Geumgangsan Mountain, Seoraksan Mountain, Daegwallyeong Peak, Taebaeksan Mountain, and Sobaeksan Mountain. Odaesan Mountain is located right bef ...

Sogeumgang Course

This mountain trail passes through Jingogae Pass, Noinbong Peak, and Sogeumgang River. The scenery of the gorges is so beautiful that it was designated the Place of Scenic Beauty No. 1. The place became widely known after the river was named Sogeumgang River in a book titled Cheonghak Sangi written ...

Durobong Course

This mountain trails passes through Sangwonsa Temple, Birobong Peak, Sangwangbong Peak, Durobong Peak, Dongdaesan Peak, and Dongpigol Campsite. Durobong Peak stands at 1,422 meters between the areas of Jinbu-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun and Nae-myeon, Hongcheon-gun and Yeongok-myeon, Gangneung, Gangwon-do ...

Birobong Course

This mountain trail stretches between Sangwonsa Parking Lot and Birobong Peak. Along with the Three Sacred Mountains (Geumgangsan, Jirisan, and Hallasan), it’s regarded as one of the most sacred mountains in Korea. Odaesan Jeokmyeol Bogung is one of the five Buddhist temples with Sakyamuni’s sarira, ...

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