1-Day Course

Baekyangsa Temple~Naejangsa Temple Course (Ridge Trail)

Walk about 20 minutes on a steep trail that starts from Baekyangsa Temple, and you will see Yaksaam Temple. Past Yaksaam Temple and Yeongcheongul Cave is a steep set of steps that will take you to Hakbawi Rock and Baekhakbong Peak. There, you will have a panoramic view of Baekamsan Mountain. Follow ...

Ridge Hiking Course

Ridge Hiking Course starts from the Hiking Information Center and passes through Seoraebong Peak (624m), Bulchulbong Peak (622m), Manghaebong Peak (679m), Yeonjibong Peak (670m), Kkachibong Peak (717m), Sinseongbong Peak (763m), Yeonjabong Peak (675m), and Janggunbong Peak (696m) before ending at Do ...

Baekyangsa Walking Trail

Go up the steep trail from Baekyangsa Temple for about 20 minutes, and you will see Yaksaam Temple and then Yeongcheongul Cave where drinking water available. Climb the steep steps that start from the cave, and you will reach Hakbawi Rock and Baekhakbong Peak that serve as a great observatory to tak ...

Namchang Course

Namchang Course takes you to Ipamsan Mountain in Nachang District. There is no public transportation in this area, so most visitors come by car. This is a fairly easy trail from end to end. It takes about 4 hours to cover the 10.7km trail.

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