1-Day Course

Jungsanri (Jangteomok) Course

The Jungsanri Course is the shortest route to Cheongwangbong Peak. As such, it is very popular with many visitors. 1.2km up the road from the Jungsanni Ticket Booth, Kalbawi (Knife Rock) appears. From there, an hour of hiking will bring visitors to the Rotary Shelter, which is capable of accommodati ...

Guryong Valley Course

Guryong Valley is also known as Yonghogugok Valley. Legend has it that every year on April 1 by the lunar calendar, nine dragons descended from heaven to the valley, where they each occupied one waterfall to enjoy themselves there before ascending back to heaven. Owing to its beautiful scenic views, ...

Jeongnyeongchi Hill Baraebong Peak Course

Jeongnyeongchi Hill, rising 1,172m above sea level, is situated to the middle of the northwestern ridgeline of Jirisan Mountain. According to Buddhist Priest Seosandaesa’s Hwangnyeongamgi (lit. “Yellow Rock Records”), the king of the Mahan Kingdom sent General Jeong to the hill to defend against att ...

Jungsanni (Kalbawi) Course

The Jungsanni Course is the shortest cut to Cheonwangbong Peak. This attracts many visitors. People are banned from entering National parks at night. At present, Jirisan National Park is open to the public at 3 in the morning during the summer season(April~October), and at 4 in the moring during ...

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